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Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines

Wisefull is operated under our core values in Innovation, Excellence, Passion, Sustainable Business,

Customer-centered Service and Win-Win partnership which are translated in Environment, Occupational Health and 

Safety Management System to constantly minimize potential impacts in environment, occupational health 

and safety, and ensue Wisefull would be a true socially responsible company. 



Our commitments:

--Compliance with national laws and regulations, continuous improvement on pollution prevention and control, clean production, sound management, and harmonious development of occupational health and safety


“Compliance with national laws and regulations" refers to: comply with all law and regulations that are related to corporate activities, our products, services to ensure the lawful operation and deliveries.


 ”Continuous improvement on pollution prevention and control" refers to: on top of the established environmental and occupational health and safety management system, we take active actions in pollution control and prevention.


"Clean production and sound management" refers to : through the effective operation of this system, we continue to improve our product design, use of clean energy resources and raw materials innovation and utilize other measures to minimize pollution during production, improve the efficiency of recycling wastes, and reduce or eliminate human health and the environment. 


 "Harmonious development of occupational health and safety" means: to provide a safe working environment and respect for employees and stakeholders; to protect our staff and anyone, who enters our facilities; to ensure customer, stakeholder, and employee satisfaction; and to fulfill our commitment to social responsibility.


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