Wisefull’s 2010 Model Worker [10-05-15]
Annual Supplier Conference 2009 [10-05-06]
2010 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition)Final Report [10-05-04]
Became Schneider qualified supplier in 2009 [10-04-19]
2010 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) [10-03-04]
Won ANAM Excellent Supplier Award [10-03-02]
Sponsorship- BUSINESS OF DESIGN WEEK (BODW) 2009 [10-02-03]
Attended the 11th International Computer Communication & Con [09-11-02]
Passed EHS review from GE Electronics [09-10-19]
Received the Gold Metal and at International Exhibition of I [09-10-19]
Official qualified supplier of Schneider. [09-10-19]
The 11th International Computer Communication & Consumer Pro [09-10-14]
Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition [09-07-24]
Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Exhibition [09-06-06]
Great Success in 2009 REACH Legislation Seminar [09-06-06]
Invited to join Guangdong-Taiwan Photoelectric Industry Cooperation Meeting [09-06-06]
Certified by ISO 14001& GB/ T28001-2001 [09-06-06]
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