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Photovoltaic System
Publish time:18-07-11



Photovoltaic System
1.Solar panel: 1730pcs/ 2809 ㎡/ electricity: 466KWP
2. ECU system: total one system with 15 sets of power inverter and 3 sets of electric cabinet and merged into internet.
3. Wifi energy consumption monitor system
4. Estimated power generation: 1600 Kw-H
Photovoltaic System and Wifi energy consumption monitor system Project
Distributed Photovoltaic System
  1. Set up on the roof for effective utilization of space
  2. Local consumption for saving the installation of transformer substation and distribution network. Increase the efficiency of power transmission
  3. Relieve the peak demand of usage and prevent from power cut due to overloaded.
  4. Absorb energy from the sun to lower the temperature of building and the power consumption from air-conditioning
  5. Expend the life of roof. Reduce the cost of factory utilization and maintenance.
  6. No noise. No fuel consumption. No pollution emission.
  1. Meet the country’s standard of CQC CNCA/CTS0004-2009A
  2. Function of prevention from over/under voltage, over/under frequency, islanding detection, recovery, over/under current, reverse solarity, overloading, short circuit, over temperature
  3. EMC to meet the relative environmental request.
  4. Connecting the power system with the tracker for grid phase and voltage. Generate power when meeting the conditions.
  5. No issue for dual-power switch
  6. Reliable lightening and grouding system for safety of power system
accurate quantitative
  1. 3 elimination ways: 1.all electricity transferred to network 2.all self-use 3. self-sufficiency and the deficiency taken from network.
  2. All connecting spots installed meters for record the electricity for diagrams.
  3. Receive subsidy for Photovoltaic System. Electricity fee is calculated according to government regulations.
Photovoltaic System is not only a way for electricity self-sufficiency instead of traditional way but also a high return investment. Most of all, a way for carbon emissions reduction.
Green Production and Life
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