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Hong Kong Electronics Fair Spring Edition
Publish time:16-05-25

DongGuan JiFu continues to attending the Asian biggest “HongKong Electronics fair”. This year’s theme across 4 major focus: Connected Home, Robotics & Unmanned Tech, Startup@HK.

As effected by the whole environment, the exhibitor attend’s passion lessen than before, and with approximately 15% floor exhibit area reduced. However, the visitor  has 1.3% slight increased, which attracted total around 9,3000 buyers come from 145 countries and regions for purchasing.

 With this change, DongGuan JiFu Exhibit a more accurate and professional technical exchange and business communication for all visited new and old friend’s. Providing a outstanding market segmentation and developing for unique industrial design are what JiFu is to offer, as a partner, to managements and ID professionals.

 Extend sincere gratitude all industry insider support and visiting, your support we will never forward momentum.   


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