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Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2014 Press Release
Publish time:14-06-14


“ HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair ( Spring Edition ) was hold successfully at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from April 13th to April 16th .Which hosted more than 3,300 exhibitors from 25 countries and regions, and up to a new record. They showcased all kinds of new electronics products, innovative technology and information technology solutions
         This time, Wisefull breaked the traditional black and natural color, highlighted the diversification such as high gloss, purple, red , blue and other colors for AL products. Furthermore, the gradient anodizing technology also attracted the eyes of the visitors. With  different color solutions for customers, Wisefull became the focus of the exhibition once again.
With the vision of innovation, excellence, sustainable development, customer- oriented and mutual- beneficial, Wisefull becomes the reliable partner of many AL manufacturers. Let’s work together to make both of us prosperious.

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