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Millet TV On Hot Sale
Publish time:14-04-15


Mi TV - The first TV set for young people
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Mi TV will lead the development trend of aluminum alloy panels
Smart TV market changes a lot this year, televisions are no longer the exclusive products of traditional home appliance enterprises. Internet companies also keep introducing televisions with “amazing prices”, which seem to change the pattern of the whole industry. Xiaomi ( Mi ), who has caused an uproar throughout the mobile phone industry, has been aiming at TV market. Especially when it released the 47” smart TV with price RMB2,999/set at the beginning of September, which makes the TV industry to be ill-tempered.





Colorful matching series provide customers with more personalized service
Mi TV’s anodized aluminum lower body pops with different colors, improves its aesthetic. With the special “ Mi” Logo
Switch,makes it more tastefull. If you’re decorating your rooms, you can choose relevant Mi TV which suits the design and color of your room perfectly.

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