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2013Guangzhou international lighting fair
Publish time:13-08-21

From 9th to 12th June 2013, the 18th edition of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition was held at Import and Export Fair PaZhou complex successfully. More than 2800 exhibitors showcasted their products across 21 halls covering 215,000 sqm of exhibition space. This exbitition covered the whole LED industry chain, showcased technologies in area such as LED chips & wafers,substrates, sealants, die bonding, encapsulation & sorting, heat sinks & thermal management. SMD & COB LED, LED drivers & controllers, optical inspection & measurement equipments and many more.

Most of the exhibitors showcased their finished LED lighting products. Only Wisefull and other few exhibitor showcased heat sink and other semi-finished LED parts. Which attracted a lot of professional visitors’ interest and inquiry, and brought a lot of potential business opportunities for us.

With good preparation and great support from the leaders at all levels, which contributed us the exhibition a great success!

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