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Intvodule Solarenergy
Publish time:13-03-28

Wisefull installed a set of energy saving water heating system on the dormitory roof in November 2012, which includes two sections: the light heating unit of solar power and the air source heat pump.

The system can make full use of solar power to save electric energy, and will be applied to all areas of our company step by step. The following are it’s major advantages:
1. Using solar energy to heat water preferentially. When the water temperature is lower than the set level, the air source heat pump will start operation. But it will stop automatically to save energy once the water temperature reaches the set level.
2. It’s convenient to use, and can be remotely controlled by any computer in the internal network.
3. Filling water automatically with timing switch, and the water temperature can be set freely.
After setting the system, comparing with traditional solar water heater, it will save power about 1200~1600 KWH/month, which is equivalent to reduce carbon emissions by 103.6 tons annually.


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