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Passed the ISO14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Audit successfully in O
Publish time:12-11-29

To reduce the harm caused by global warming to human living environment, Wisefull commits its socal responsibility of energy conservation and emission reduction consciously, and establishes its Greenhouse Gas Implementation Team in June 2012. Trained with the ISO14064-1 standards, the team determines its organization boundary and operation boundary, collects and sorts GHG activity data, check and summary GHG emission factors to calculate its GHG emission. Finally completed the GHG list and report preparation based on 2011 as a benchmark year.


Wisefull passed the secondary stage audit hold by BSI for our GHG checking report successfully in September 2012. BSI issued

the Certificate of Statement for reasonable assurance level to us, we’re honored to be one of the few enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region to obtain the ISO14064-1 certificate.


By statistics and calculates the objective data on greenhouse gas emission, Wisefull grasp its corbon emission accurately.

     Compling with Energy- Saving and Emission Reduction Plan released per the “12th Five-Year Plan “announced by the Chinese Government, Wisefull made its energy -saving and emission reduction plan, expecting to achieve the following energy-saving targets:

1.Achieve energy-saving 280 tons of standard coal within the period of the “12th Five-Year Plan”;

2.Till 2015, the comprehensive energy consumption per unit of output ( compares with 2010) will be 24% lower than that by the end of the “11th Five-Year Plan”, with the average annual decline about 5.36%


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