Dongguan Jifu Metallic Products Co.Ltd.

With accumulated 40 years experience in the industry, Jifu has established its name in Metallic Processing, Surface Treatment, and Thermal Module Development.

Jifu not only develop quality parts, serving the designated function (thermal management, structure support…etc),but also exceptional visual effect by using CNC, anodizing, sand blasting, painting, e-coating, laser, diamond cutting…etc.Jifu work with our clients from the designing phase, provide one-stop service and in-industry expertise, and ultimately, aim to be part of all clients’ growth.

Jifu’s product range from: case/ panels for multimedia devices( home/ commercial/ portable), LED parts, thermal modules for PC, Telecom., and Industrial application.



1993.Wisefull Technology Ltd. Founded
1996.ISO 9002:1994 Certified
2001.Became Denon Qualified Supplier
2004.Received Intel PQS Award (Preferred Quality System)  
  Became Cisco/ Dell/ Bosch Qualified Supplier
2006.Received Intel PQS for the 2nd time
2008.Became GE Qualified Supplier
2009.Became Schneider Qualified Supplier
2010.Became OSRAM LLFY Certified Partner
2011.Became LITEON Excellent Supplier
2012.Awarded by Intel for cooperation on “Xeon Phi” project- thermal modules on ultimate processor
  Awarded with Wistron “Excellent Supplier”
  Became SONOS/IAC/TYMPHANY/ Shuttle/Advantech Qualified Supplier
2014.Received “ 2013 MiTAC Outstanding Vendor Award”
  Received Wistron Outstanding Vendor Award for the 2nd time
  Became PIONEER Qualified Supplier
  Passed the CISCO dust audit
2015.Won B&W Supplier Performance Excellence Award
  Award the ISO/TS16949:2009 Certified
2016. Won B&W Supplier Performance Excellence Award
  CCI/JIFU Received Cisco Nominated Outstanding Vendor Award for the 2nd time
  Received Wiston Outstanding Vendor Award for the 3nd time
  Became Goertek Dynaudio Qualified Supplier
  JIFU Shahu Campus in Operation
2017. Won ANAM Supplier Performance Excellence Award 
           ISO9001:2008 certified
 ISO14064-1 Certification Renewed
 ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS18001:2007 Certified
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